KARUNA support for cancer patients

Going through cancer doesn’t give you a trophy or medal. It gives you Life.

When facing with cancer the patients have to be aware that the disease is a consequence, so the cause must be removed in order to heal completely.

But many patients think that just by changing their food beside medical treatment, they will get their health back.

But they don’t, not for a long term.

Cancer is a serious disease where many levels of our life has been collapsed: physical, emotional and mental.

That is way holistic healing is needed.



Physical Body
Physical Body
Your physical body needs your help:
  • To be cleaned of all toxicants, ballasts and overloaded substances
  • To be nurtured with healthy food, vitamins, minerals and fresh air
There are several strategies. But which one is best for you?

Cancer disease has much more deeper meaning as spoken out loud.

Itself, it is never a cause of the disease. But the physical body, affected with cancer, shows to the patient that something, somewhere, somehow in the past went wrong.

It doesn’t mean that he can neglect the physical body. The healing approach needs to cleanse first and nurture it in many ways possible.


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Did you know that emotions affect your physical health?

Stress, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment and other negative emotions start to vibrate in your body. If unexpressed, unsolved they slowly start to manifest

in a physical form as various diseases.

How to get through emotions, feel them and meet their background?

Emotions. Many times suppressed instead of expressed.

They are vibrations that affect physical body. Not expressed emotions vibrate inside, so long until they manifest in a form as diseases.

But many people were raised, where emotions were not allowed. As adults said: “You have to stay strong!”

If that was your story, you will probably need to learn how to live with emotions, to feel them and let them out to free yourself and raise your chances to have a successful treatment.


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Mind and thoughts
Mind and thoughts

Dr. Masaru Emoto proved with water experiment that negative thoughts affect physical body. It doesn’t metter if your thoughts are about other person.

They are rising in your mind.

How to stabilize your mind? How to avoid drama based on arising thougts?

Mind. The most powerful tool ever. If you believe it or not.

It is so powerful that can decide about your future, about your success or failure.

That is why I kindly suggest, that you immediately start to believe in yourself and your health. You are the one that can go through and live your life. There is no one that can do it instead of you.

So step by step with your focus on yourself first, the healthy outcome and many years after, free as you never been free before.


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What are Your Benefits?

More Confident

Inner Power

Believe In Yourself

More Clarity

Start Believing


In life no one expects to get a cancer disease. It is quite shocking experience that needs a stable support with right informations and motivational life stories.

KARUNA offers motivational videos, guiding scriptures, other services and products to support anyone during and after cancer treatment.

Support is based on knowledge, life insights and 4 time experiences with lungs cancer, kidney cancer and two times breast cancer.

Start with your holistic healing!